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Relationship Tips for College Students

Character Matters Most
When you choose someone to date, make sure you judge the person on character, and not on the way he/she looks or rather anything related to physical appearance. Focus more on how the person makes you feel, and not on how you feel about him/her. Infatuations are common at this age, a bit too common actually, so make sure you’re actually in love with the person you’re planning to date. Look out for someone who is understanding and compassionate rather than looking out for someone who is beautiful/handsome or ‘in demand’ by other people. Yes, there is always that race you want to win, isn’t it?

Think Ahead
Right from the time you get into a relationship, think of making it last forever. Think that there is just no way you can let all this fall apart. Don’t even bother thinking about break-ups and heartbreaks. The moment you give these things a thought, there is inception of that thought and it’ll always stay there. Learn to look at the good things in the relationship and focus only on those. Yes, every relationship goes through bad times but even in these, don’t thinking about separating. Decide that, no matter what happens, breaking up is not an option. College days are times when couples take relationships very casually and end up regretting later, after losing someone special.

Be Receptive
Along with keeping at it, you also need to understand that you have to be receptive to change. At this age, we are still forming our thoughts, our opinions and our respective ways of life. College days are in fact the start of forming of one’s outlook towards everything in life. Due to this, there might be times when you might feel something is right today and the same thing is wrong tomorrow. So, be receptive to change and welcome it, if it comes for the good. If your girlfriend wants to go party every weekend, let her, and similarly, if your boyfriend has a habit of smoking, let him. Don’t let these issues come in between your relationship and wait for the right time to talk it out. This will help you get rid of all the insecurities in a relationship in no time. What is good for you might not necessarily be good for someone else and vice-versa.

Be Patient
Now patience matters in more cases than just one, right from getting into a relationship. It might happen that all your friends are dating and you aren’t, but that doesn’t mean you start dating just because you have to. It’s perfectly fine to not date if you haven’t found the one. If you have already started dating, and find all the other couples spending more time together and having more fun, don’t let it affect you as there is a time for everything. Again, if there are certain things that you just can’t understand, be patient and let time pass, eventually you will. Patience is the answer to most troubling questions and has always been. Give all problems time and they’ll sort out on their own.

Element of Friendship
The element of friendship is very important when you start dating in college days as that requirement of having fun with friends is as much as spending time with your loved one. There are lot of things that we all want to do with our friends but we can’t, because of the time we need to give our respective relationships. At such times, it’s important you understand this need and do all those things with your partner, let it be watching movies, adventure sports, travel or maybe just checking out the new store that has opened recently.

Not too Slow, Not too Fast
Another tip for a special relationship bond is to not try too hard and at times, not try at all. Let the relationship run its natural course, and let things be as they are. Relationship tips for college students won’t be complete if I don’t mention how you need to understand that everything cannot be planned, and that there might be times when the relationship might surprise you. Take these surprises as they come and tackle them accordingly, instead of wasting a lot of time right now when you can invest that time in making things better from good.