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Types of Love

In our society, love has been given different names. Eros, Storge, Pragma, Agape, Ludus, and Mania are the six types of love that are known by the intensity and intent of how we love someone.

Eros―the passionate love.
Perhaps, this is the most evident form of love all of us have experienced it at some point or the other. As the name suggests, it is a type of love in which desire, physical attraction, physical appearance, and romance are given top priority. Eros is the name of the Greek God of love. As a noun, it means ‘sexual love or desire’. In this type, the levels of passion and physical intimacy are high. People who love this way are very charged up, emotional, and gung-ho about their relationship initially … but as time passes, the intensity reduces.

Pronounced as Stor-gay, this form talks about the familial love we experience in our society. The love we feel for our parents and siblings is what constitutes storge. It is beautiful to experience this bonding; lucky are the people

Way to Fall in Love

Falling in Love

Mechanics of Love
To be loved, means to be wanted, cared for, and more importantly understood. These are somewhat the construed mechanics of love. As a child, as a sibling, as a girlfriend, as a boyfriend, as a wife, as a mother, as a father, as a friend, and through many other relations you have felt these technical aspects of love. They count even if they are in the smallest or the biggest of measurements. Love brings euphoria, elation, lightness, bliss, and a sense of completeness. So, if love is the answer for how to be happy in life, what’s stopping you?

The Fear
We humans are ingrained with an incorrigible habit of believing in Murphy’s law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Precisely, with this defeatist attitude we miss out evident avenues of affection and try to figure out ways of how to fall in love with someone. This how the fear of commitment initiates. But, an interesting thing to note here is what do you really have to lose? When there is nothing to lose, there is no need to fear either.

Combating Fear

Tips Relationship for Man

The Art of Listening
You have to learn to be a patient listener and this will help solve most of your problems every single time you have one. Sometimes, in the hurry of reaching to a conclusion, we don’t tend to actually listen but just hear and make our point. All the times you’ve tried doing that, your partner has understood it, and has not felt good about it. When you’re dating someone, it’s very important you listen to her. If you don’t, she’ll eventually stop telling you what’s in her mind which will in turn lead to no sharing of thoughts and feelings. The substance from your relationship will eventually fade away.

The Consciousness of Thought
Being the man in the relationship, you have to time and again see if your girlfriend is alright. It’s your duty to protect her from all the problems in her life to the best of your capability. If you fail to understand a problem and help her out, the least you have to be careful about is not being a reason for problems. You need to consciously think about her

Way make Long Distance Love Successful

Honesty is a prerequisite for building any strong relationship. In case of a long distance love, it is particularly very important to be honest. You must combat all temptations of being dishonest and be honest to yourself and your partner. If both partners in a relationship are honest with each other, they share a stronger bond.

Technology is one of the biggest help in nurturing the love in a long distance relationship. You can send each other a loving email, or arrange online meetings with each other. A sweet phone call can brighten up your mood and an expressive text message on your phone can make you feel special. It is essential for you to stay connected with your partner at all times. Technology can be an indispensable tool in reducing the distances between lovers.

Stay Connected
You can strengthen the bond between both of you by staying connected with each other in some form or the other. In case you share any common interest, you must take out time to do things together even when you are apart. You can watch some common shows, visit a common website or read the same book.

Steps How to get a Girlfriend

Plenty of young men are unsure of how to get a girlfriend. For some people, even just thinking of approaching somebody they are attracted to gives them severe anxiety and stress. There are so many ways to go about looking for a girlfriend that it is does not have to be a painful affair. The key is for men to stay true to their own identities and to acknowledge that while skill is one aspect of finding a girlfriend, timing is also another major component.

The first step in learning how to get a girlfriend involves intensive preparation. Men must learn to feel comfortable alone without coming off as desperate. Women want to see that you are a fun and intelligent person on your own. A man who wants a girlfriend needs to know that confidence is sexy. Foster this self-esteem by keeping up your physical appearance. Pay attention to subtle factors, like scent and teeth.

Once a guy has his preparation under way, meeting women is next. Online dating is one easy way to start for men who have had no luck at school or through

Tips to Safeguarding Relationship

Here are seven easy communication tips for safeguarding your relationship and your health.

  1. Talk every day. Communicate with your partner with honest and sincere as far as possible. You love this person, and you can tell him more things that are important to you without the fear of being judged. Have an easy post-dinner walk with him and talk about what’s on your mind. Don’t forget holding hands, affection is just as important.
  2. Compliment each other. Everyone loves to be complimented. The key here is to compliment things beyond the appearance. Telling your partner they look great can’t be more. If your husband is adept in cooking, compliment his skills; if your wife is a good listener, let her know it. It’s influential and meaningful to praise inner virtues.
  3. Be thoughtful. If your partner have a meeting or a major project that day, you can text or email him to show your concern and wish him to get everything well-done. If your partner get sick and have to stay at home, you can make delicious soup for him after work. These subtle acts can show that you really care about him.
  4. Fight logically. Keep

Facts Concerning Love

Here square measure some facts concerning love:

Vein of affection

Do you why couple wears their band of the fourth finger of their left hand? It’s to believe classical mythology that there’s vein through this finger that is direct joined to the guts. Thus sporting ring during this finger show a logo of a powerful bond.

Pain of affection

Being taken with is simply concerning happiness and care; it’ll additionally offer your physical or mental pain. It’s one in every of the psychological science facts concerning love is that you simply could become too possessive or perpetually in concern or stress of losing the one you love.

All that matters is love.

Many studies have shown that nobody should buy love together with his wealth. It’s a lot of valuable than power or million greenbacks. You’ll get luxury however not love; it’s the sole issue that matters within the finish.

Hard to steer away

This one could be a true truth concerning love; it’s straightforward to like somebody than to steer away. If somebody is deeply taken with that person can’t live while not his beloved. It perpetually feels sensible

What is Love

Dictionaries have different meanings for this word. But when I think about it, my mind conjures up images of all kinds of beautiful things that I have always associated with love. Flowers, chocolates, candle light dinners, hearts, soft toys, clothes and perfumes, (I hope I haven’t left anything out!) these are the words that have become synonymous with love … but what about the feelings and emotions associated with it!

I remember growing up with stars in my eyes and love songs ringing through my ears. Slowly my dreams grew bigger and I started waiting for my Prince Charming to come along and take me with him to a beautiful land where we would be surrounded by servants, good clothes, flowers and jewelry. One day I realized the truth about love … that it was much more than material comforts and gains.

Love is Sharing
Believe me when I say that this is one of the most important ingredients of love. It is important to open ones heart and share – your happiness, your sorrows, your fears, your victories… everything, it really does not matter, as long as the heart is clear. Love is being honest and knowing that the

Dating Ideas for Single Parents

Plan for a Movie and then Lunch.
Plan for a fun movie followed by lunch at your favorite restaurants, as cliche as it sounds, but this dating idea is one of the simplest and easiest ever, if it happens to be your first date. No doubt this date is going to be pressure filled, but a fun movie and a familiar location to dine at, would ease out the pressure and it would only be easier to gel with each other. Plus it is not difficult to find a baby sitter in the late afternoon or early evening.

Head to an Amusement Park
If you have a problem finding a baby sitter, just take your kids along on the date. Head to an amusement park! This will allow your kids to gel with your date as well. While the kids enjoy the rides and play in the park, you get some lone time for yourselves. Get to know each other and if you guys are comfortable and enjoy each others company, go ahead and plan a full-fledged date, (this time without the kids).

Double Date
Dating as single parents can be a little uncomfortable and awkward, to get over this,

Tips on Dating a Workaholic Man

Is Your Man REALLY a Workaholic?

Being dedicated to work, and being a workaholic are two different things, and it is important you understand the difference between the two. Workaholics feel the compulsive need to keep working at all times. They just cannot stop working, or thinking, worrying, talking, discussing work! Many a time this compulsive need to keep working is associated with some personality complex or a psychological condition – completely losing himself in work could be a workaholics way of dealing with (or rather avoiding to deal with) some serious problems or issues in his life. If that is the case, you – as his companion – can try to get him help. However, if there is no such situation, then you are simply in love with a man who is more dedicated to his work than you can be okay with!

Dating a Workaholic Man

First and foremost – it’s not easy. Even if you are not the kind of girl who wants her partners attention 24×7, dating a workaholic is really not easy. It requires patience… and a LOT of it. But even with patience, you are sometimes at a loss

First Date

We always wonder what are the things to ask on a first date. We guess more guys face this question than girls. We may be wrong, but yes, to make your first date fun for both of you, it is important to know what to talk about on a first date. And so, the only thing you need is a conversation starter.

Once the conversation starts, and you start feeling more and more at ease with each other, we’re sure things will get a lot easier for both of you.

Talking Points for a First Date

You are bustling with topics, but then you face that Socrates-Hamlet-Shakespearean dilemma: to say or not to say. Well, these are some of the topics that fall under the category: to say.

✔ Basic Information
✔ Likes and Dislikes
✔ Funny Stories
✔ ‘How Was Your Day?’

 Basic Information

Nothing wrong in sharing basic information about each other. You know, where are you from? What do you do?… All the stuff the Backstreet Boys say they don’t care about in the song ‘As Long as You Love Me’. OK maybe that was a bad example, but it’s always good to know if

Way fight inequality in Relationships

Trust is a very important aspect in every relationship. However, it is something that cannot be gained easily. It takes years of staying together to know if you can trust a person. Some very easily say that we trust our partners, but how sure are we? Constant efforts have to be made to gain the trust of your partner and if it’s not done, it hits a low pit. It is at this moment that insecurity issues step in. You are all of a sudden unsure of all the promises and plans you’ll made together.

One of the leading causes of insecurity is jealousy. We first need to understand that jealousy is not only limited to physical appearance but much more than that. When two people are in a relationship, they sort of own each other emotionally as well. If that space is suddenly occupied by a third person (male or female), doubts regarding importance are going to surface. Every relationship demands ownership of each other’s time and space.

Spontaneity is very vital in a relationship, as the lack of this will eventually show your partner the lack of your interest in the relationship. There has to

Way to find out if Someone is Married

Ask the Dreaded Question
The most logical as well as the least painstaking option, would be to directly approach your partner and ask them if they are currently married or not. If the answers they give, still leave you in doubt, then you probably should consider taking a break, the reason being that the basic requisite is missing, which is TRUST!

Check His/Her On-line Profiles
Search online, if there ever was a public invitation or declaration of marriage involving the person you’re dating, because you might find it online. Check all popular social networking sites for your partner’s profile. You may come across old uploads about their status and other exiting events of their lives, which may give you your answers.

Check His/Her Apartment
Do your own research. The next time they take you over to their home, look out for traces of other people having recently lived there with them. Though, this may be misleading. Try checking for old photographs or voice mail, when he/she is in the shower or gone to get some provisions or is on a call in a different room. Does your partner always insist on meeting you at your place? If so, find out

Way get out of a Love Triangle.

Are you in love with another man or woman while still being in a relationship with someone? The obvious consequences are an unhappy relationship, adultery and three broken hearts. Quoting the character Earl Smooter from the movie Sweet Home Alabama, “You can’t ride two horses with one ass, sugarbean”. You know you are in a love triangle when you have two suitors of whom there is a preference for one over the other OR when your beloved is in love with someone else. A romantic relationship involving three people can get very messy. You may be in someone’s life and you may have deep admiration and fondness for them. But, you cannot continue this forever. Do you know how to get out of such a situation? Maybe you don’t. Love does switch off a part of your brain and everything becomes so complicated and confusing. It is okay if you don’t know what to do, which is why I have explained the solution from the shoes of all three sides of the triangle.

When You are the ‘Other’ Person

It is always difficult to be the other woman or man in your lover’s life. You don’t

Signs to recognize Soulmate

Even in this mean and shrewd world, where practicality takes over emotions when it comes to making a decision, especially a relationship decision, there are couples who are living a content life with their partners who are inevitably their soulmates. While some (no less than a handful) have found the love of their lives, some of us are still looking with a candle light, the flame of which brightens and diminishes from time to time. Have you ever given it a thought that maybe, just maybe, you’ve already met your soulmate and are still trying to convince yourself that you haven’t come across him/her? Go through the following signs to understand what we’re trying to say.

Your first meeting doesn’t seem to be the first

All of us have been through the perplexity of a first meeting. The nervousness, consciousness, and the constant effort to hold yourself back in order to form a good first impression …, taxing, isn’t it? But this doesn’t happen with everybody. We’re sure that many of you would have had these meetings where meeting this person for the first time made you feel that you guys have known each other for

Way to not be a Clingy Boyfriend

1: Respect Her Need for Some Space
Your ability to give out space is what will remove the clingy tag from your demeanor, and yes, we know it wouldn’t be a piece of cake for you! First off, you need to identify what makes you so cling-ish with her. Is it because you don’t trust her, you have nothing else to do other than being with her, or you just don’t see the reason to be apart? Whatever it is, nullify all your thoughts that make you sport clingy-ness.

The blatant truth is that the more clingy you are, the more likely she will leave you and eventually find someone who isn’t like you. Yes, there may have been a time when she said “you are the best”, but it was till you showed your needy self to her. Even the best things of life get too much to handle if supplied in excess. Spare her from getting your overdose.

2: Focus On Your Interests
Love seems to overtake our existence, and everything else takes a backseat. That is what creates a problem. You get engrossed in her s-o-o-o-o much that it becomes difficult for you to focus

Fair Fighting Rules for Couples

Trust me, if you abide by them, the storm will pass by peacefully and also leave behind a workable solution of the issue at hand.

Deal with the Problem and Finish it

Any argument that is left unfinished will keep on lingering and will disrupt your routine quality of life. Ideally, an argument should not have a life span of more than 24 hours, and yes, I strongly believe in the age-old belief that you should not carry grudges on to the next day. Finish and bury them before going to bed. (Say sorry, in case you are required to end the argument!)

Stick to the Point

Always keep in mind the point due to which the argument started. In the heat of the moment, never wander away from the main point. No old grudges or sore issues from the past should be dragged in the conversation if it doesn’t belong to that particular discussion. Mark boundaries around a subject, and stick to it.

Avoid Foul Language

Foul language includes every verbal gesture that degrades the value of the other person. Name calling, insulting, blaming, criticizing, cursing, or even shouting for that

Different Types of Love Styles

Didn’t we say that the one word ‘love’ has been used in the English language to describe the many feelings of the heart? Interestingly, the modern English language still lacks what the Greek language had even during the ancient times. Yes, the Greeks addressed love with four different words, depending upon how the feeling was induced. These are: Éros (intimate love/sexual passion), Agápe (unconditional love/charity for all), Philia (love for friends/between equals), and Storge (love for parents and children). Related to these Greek descriptions, Canadian psychologist, John Alan Lee, developed the theory of six types of love, in his book ‘The Colors of Love’ published in 1973. These six basic love styles are explained as under.

Eros is the kind of love that is ruled by an uncontrolled passion and desire for the other. The passion is mostly sexual in nature. Here, a person falls in love with the outer beauty of the person and is smitten by him/her. Named after the Greek god of fertility, Éros, this is what we call the love that has a sense of illogical craze for the other person. The perfect example would be the case of Romeo and Juliet.

Relationship Tips for College Students

Character Matters Most
When you choose someone to date, make sure you judge the person on character, and not on the way he/she looks or rather anything related to physical appearance. Focus more on how the person makes you feel, and not on how you feel about him/her. Infatuations are common at this age, a bit too common actually, so make sure you’re actually in love with the person you’re planning to date. Look out for someone who is understanding and compassionate rather than looking out for someone who is beautiful/handsome or ‘in demand’ by other people. Yes, there is always that race you want to win, isn’t it?

Think Ahead
Right from the time you get into a relationship, think of making it last forever. Think that there is just no way you can let all this fall apart. Don’t even bother thinking about break-ups and heartbreaks. The moment you give these things a thought, there is inception of that thought and it’ll always stay there. Learn to look at the good things in the relationship and focus only on those. Yes, every relationship goes through bad times but even in these, don’t thinking about separating. Decide that,

Ideas for a Romantic

So, the first date is over. It went well, there was a chemistry, click, and everything else that you need to make the first date awesome. It ended on a great note. You said you will call him/her. So what should be your next step? Where do you invite him/her to meet? What should you say? Before we get down to answering those questions, first you need to ask yourself one question, what does a second date mean? Do you see yourself dating that person? Is it just a way to get closer to the other person or do you wish to know him/her better? If this date is a way to know the person better and develop a better understanding with each other, then the following date ideas should work out for you.

Romantic Date

This idea has universal applicability. Set up a cozy candlelight dinner at one of her favorite cuisine restaurants. Pick her up from her house, right from her door. Order a good meal, of her choice. You could either go for a drive or a walk post dinner. A movie is quite a cliched idea, so try to steer clear of